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Comment Policy

Dear Readers
through the comment section, you and everyone else should have the opportunity to enrich our platforms with diverse opinions and constructive criticism. The commenting of contributions serves a fair and factual discussion in a friendly discussion climate.

To ensure this fair dialogue, we have set up a few simple rules of the game:


No ads and spam:

Comments and links to commercial or private providers of goods or services and the misuse of the comment section as advertising space are prohibited.


No violations of legal regulations, in particular:

  • Pornography and obscenities
  • Calls for violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • Insults and humiliations of persons in any form
  • Violations of third party rights (persons, institutions, organizations, companies)
  • Incitement such as racism and hate propaganda
  • Call for demonstrations and rallies of any political direction


No trademark and copyright infringement:

  • Please do not publish photos, graphics or texts of copyrighted works.
  • Use logos only with the express consent of the author or owner of rights.
  • Make citations or text excerpts by specifying a source or the author.


Data protection:

  • Please do not publish names, contact addresses and telephone numbers of third parties.


Editing comments and inquiries:

We reserve the right to edit or delete comments without prior notice if they violate our policies or regulations.

Please note that the activation and answering of messages and comments may take some time, as we take each request individually. We ask for your understanding, if we can not answer all questions.


Disclaimer for liability:

Each user is responsible for the contributions they publish. The comments on the contributions alone reflect the opinion of individual readers. EUMKA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content.

Content changes and additions to these guidelines are possible at any time.