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Launching Event

People who have decided for a variety of reasons to move from one country to another, leaving things behind, making new beginnings, getting to know different realities of life and struggling with dangers and barriers – they have a lot to tell. Their experience, knowledge and perspectives on global relationships and social coexistence is the idea of ​​the “European Migrant Knowledge Archive (EUMKA)”.

Eight film documents have already been produced documenting personal and individual stories of migration from Cameroon, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Eritrea with the help of “Oral History”, but also with the beginnings of migrant activism in Germany in the 1990s and the racist attacks in Mölln etc.

Developers of EUMKA, Dan Thy Nguyen and Iraklis Panagiotopoulos, show clips from existing films and talk about the links between the refugee crisis and the racist riots of the 1990s.

Interlocutor is Lee Hielscher. He studied Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy and was active in the politics of the pogroms of the early 90s, Kemal Altun, Anastasia Baburowa and the border transit camp Friedland. He is a member of critnet, the Dissolve Laboratory for Critical Migration and Border Regiment Research and the “Nationwide Action Alliance NSU Complex.”

With the kind support of the W3 – Workshop for International Culture and Politics e.V.